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Height Adjustable Gaming Desk For Gamers

  • Steel Thickness :1.0mm

    Desktop Plastic Material :ABS

    Light Strip Material :LED.

    Product Size :140*100*73, 160*100*73, 180*100*73

    Product Weight :27kg 30kg 33kg

    Desktop Pattern :Carbon Fiber Texture

    Which Modules Can Be Customized:Outer Packaging Printing, Product Logo Lighting Lo

    Specification :115*75*12

    Packing : Drop-Resistant Mail-Order Packaging

ergonomic seat

Ergonomic built.

With the adjustable seat height function

Gaming Chair with Bifma


With ISO 9001,CE,SGS

Gaming Chair with High backrest


With High-quality upholstery

Gaming Chair with 5 years warranty


Guarantee on all our Products 

Gaming Chair with armrest

Well-built armrests.

We make sure  the arms and wrists are taken care of. 

Gaming Chair with Emboidery


Covered with High-performance material

Optimum adjustability.

With different adjustment options to fit all size.

Gaming Chair with Aluminium Base


With casters suitable for all types of flooring

Supplier of Gaming Chair with Soft Seat

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