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At Anji Jietai Home Supplies we Strive to make the world a Better place by creating sustainable future.

Sustainable Manufacturer of Gaming Chair

Our Commitment to the Future

We monitor the environmental impact of our operations throughout production and reduce waste.

100% Sustainably sourced Materials

We insists on using virgin foam in the manufacturing of our gaming chairs in order to maintain high quality standards.

High Quality Foam Used in Gaming Chair Manufacturing

Taking Responsibility

At Anji Jietai Home Supplies we are committed to run our business with integrity and reducing our environmental footprint .

Gaming Chair Manufacturing in China
FSC Certified Wood From Anji Jietai Home Supplies

FSC Certified Product

Thinking About The Planet.

To ensure that the world we live in remains habitable for all, not just a few, we must prioritize sustainability in our sourcing, production, and distribution.

Gaming Chair Manufacturing Assembly

Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

We've expanded our use of recycled materials by more than 150 percent since 2012. Every year, we process over 10,000 tons of plastics, with half of that being recycled. To mention that using recycled plastic instead of oil-based plastic reduces CO2 emissions  and saves more than 20,000 kWh of energy.

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